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Welcome to BMW Realty a commercial and residential real estate  brokerage and Management Company.


We represent buyers interested in purchasing a home or  investment property.  We also represent those who want to sell their real estate holdings and are in need of a professional.


In addition we help people find their perfect business locations and help individuals look for residential properties to lease.


Murry Woods, Owner of BMW Realty graduated from Texas Tech University and has spent more than 33 years managing and brokering residential and commercial properties in Austin.


With insightful experience in investment type real estate, he will work tirelessly to help buyer and sellers meet their real estate goals.

If you are looking to buy or sell a property or would like to just get more information, feel free to call or email.

His extensive knowledge and marketing ideas give a property owner the opportunity to get the maximum value or return for your property through sales, leasing or management.

Looking for that perfect retail or office space, Murry can help, just give him a call.


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